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Florida-24.com terms and conditions

Conclusion of contract: The basis of the contract is the respective rented accommodation with the equipment features and information given on the offer page of this website. By confirming the booking, the tenant accepts the terms and conditions and confirms having read and understood them. The accommodation is booked in the specified location with the specified facilities and the included or excluded services for the specified period. In the event that a house in a group (e.g. a duplex) is booked, the tenant agrees that the house can be assigned to the group by the landlord.

Information: After completing the booking, the guest will receive an email with the booking confirmation and payment details. After receipt of payment, the tenant will receive the accommodation information by email. The customer agrees to read all information about the apartment received by email, including the information on checking in and out, rules and instructions. We are not responsible for information of any kind that is displayed on third party websites.

Information about tenants and fellow travelers: All persons, including small children and pets, who are in the villa must be registered by the tenant. Unregistered, unbooked people or pets are not allowed to use the villa. Changes and / or additions to persons or pets can be made up to one day before arrival. Failure to comply can lead to the immediate termination of the rental contract without reimbursement of rental fees paid and / or a recalculation of the unregistered persons / pets plus a fee for violating house rules of 100 euros each.

Pets: Pets are chargeable and only allowed after consultation and approval with the landlord. A deposit has to be made for the pet depending on the rental period (100 euros up to 3 weeks, 200 euros from 3 weeks rental period). Soiling on sidewalks, lawns or in the accommodation by the pet must be removed by the tenant immediately. – Pets are not allowed in the pool. Exceptions must be approved by the landlord.

Pool rules:
– Use of the pool is only permitted for the booked guests
– The safety regulations must be observed.
– Parents are responsible for their children.
– No romping or running in the pool area because of the risk of slipping.
– Do not jump from the edge of the pool as this could endanger other people.
– Food and especially glasses / bottles may not be taken into the pool.
– Pets are not allowed in the pool. Exceptions must be approved by the landlord.
– No neighbors, residents or other guests may be disturbed by loud music, noise or parties.

Electricity / consumption costs: An average consumption of consumption costs such as electricity / water is included in the rental price. Increased power consumption caused, for example, by operating the air conditioning system with the windows / doors open, will be recalculated.

Payment: 50% of the rental price is due immediately after booking. The remaining payment is due 6 weeks before arrival at the latest. In the event of non-payment, the rental contract can be terminated by the landlord.

The check-in / check-out: Moving in / using the property is possible from 15 p.m. The landlord must be notified of any arrival after 19 p.m. Check-out: Must be done by 10 a.m. at the latest. An early move-in or a late move-out, the early removal or delayed return of the keys or the use of the accommodation or pool / facility outside of the specified times is only possible with the prior approval of the landlord, otherwise the tenant may be charged additional costs for a further rental day , or the costs for rebooking the next guest.

Cancellation / withdrawal by the tenant: The cancellation rules are listed separately in the respective rental agreement. If no other cancellation rules have been agreed, the accommodation is deemed to be non-refundable. If the tenant cannot arrive for personal reasons or if an arrival is not possible due to supernatural incidents such as road closures, train cancellations or other official instructions or access restrictions, this does not release the tenant from his contractual obligations. If the tenant does not want to / cannot use the rental property for other reasons, he is still obliged to pay the rental price according to the rental agreement. A cancellation by the tenant due to unavailable optional services does not entitle the tenant to free cancellation. The booking is not transferable, a change of booking to another person must be approved by the landlord. A cancellation by the tenant must be reported in writing, all cleaning costs or tourist tax already paid will be refunded to the tenant

Duties and liability of the landlord. The contractual service of the landlord includes that he makes the booked accommodation available to the tenant at the booked rental period. In the event that the landlord is unable to provide the booked accommodation, the landlord undertakes to either provide the tenant with an equivalent or higher quality accommodation or to reimburse the paid booking amount in full.

Liability exclusion of the landlord: The services to be provided by the landlord do not include any insurance, ie the landlord assumes no liability for theft, fire or water damage to the renter’s property or damage to the renter’s vehicle. The landlord is not liable for circumstances that are not directly related to the rented property, as well as circumstances over which the landlord has no influence, e.g. B. Beach and local conditions of the holiday resort, noise emissions from construction or road work, nuisance by third parties, or impairments due to official orders. If the landlord knows that there will be impairments within or in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation due to construction sites or construction noise, the landlord will inform the tenant and the landlord will, as far as possible, offer the tenant alternative accommodation. Claims for damages can only be claimed in the event of willful or grossly negligent behavior on the part of the landlord. The landlord assumes no responsibility for verbal / telephone agreements by third parties.

Damages that occur during the stay: The tenant undertakes to report this to the landlord or local service immediately. The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him in the amount of the replacement / repair costs.

Complaints: Cleaning complaints must be reported by 19 p.m. on the day of moving in. In the event of a later arrival after 19 p.m., the landlord must be informed, in which case the cleaning complaint can be reported the following day. The landlord undertakes to carry out subsequent cleaning / improvement at the latest within 24 hours after receipt of the complaint. There is no entitlement to subsequent cleaning in the case of minor soiling such as: B. pollen, leaves, dust on the balcony / terrace, etc. or in the case of complaints reported late

Compensation claims: A holiday property is rented that may be subject to increased wear and tear due to the type of rental. Defects that only insignificantly affect the contractual use of the apartment, e.g. B. short-term failure of technical devices or the public supply, occurrence of ants / spiders vermin during the rental period due to climatic conditions, do not entitle the tenant to a rent reduction or compensation.

Obligations of the tenant: The tenant is obliged to follow the house rules and pool rules, as well as the rules of the landlord in the house info. The facilities of the accommodation are to be treated with care and are to be kept clean by the tenant during the rental period. In the event of violations of the house or pool rules, complaints from neighbors or administrators, due to disturbance of the peace or misconduct on the part of the tenant, the tenant can be charged the costs for service use and a penalty for violating house rules in the amount of 100 euros each plus any administrative penalties. In the event of gross violations of the house rules, the landlord can cancel the rental agreement without compensation.

Condition when leaving the accommodation when moving out:

Doors, windows, shutters, awnings, parasols: are to be closed by the tenant even when leaving the villa at short notice and during thunderstorms, and retracting any awnings. The renter is responsible for any damage caused by non-compliance with the rule

State: The accommodation is swept clean, so leave it in a swept state. Crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils and pots (free of limescale or burn-in residues) must be stowed cleanly in the cupboards provided for this purpose, existing kitchen appliances such as stove, grill, toaster, oven, hob must not contain any coarse soiling or burnt / dried-on food residues.

Waste: The rubbish must be separated and disposed of by the tenant before departure. Attention: In some municipalities, the city imposes high bus fees for non-compliance.

Keys, access cards and remote controls: must be returned on the day of departure at the latest at check-out.

Deposit: A deposit will be refunded no later than 2 weeks after check-out. The accommodation must be returned properly and free of damage.

Claim claims: Justified claims of the tenant from complaints can be asserted in writing by the tenant no later than one month after the end of the stay, if defects were complained about in good time during the rental period and the landlord did not remedy the situation within the period of 24 hours.

Privacy Policy: The landlord processes and uses customer data in accordance with the data protection regulation (see DSVGO). Customer data will not be passed on for purposes other than those intended.

Severability clause: If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are not valid, this has no effect on the remaining general terms and conditions. In the event of ineffective regulations, the respective statutory provisions apply. Several of the tenant’s persons are jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from these terms and conditions. The place of jurisdiction is Cape Coral, Florida, US


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