COVID-19 rules of conduct

Holiday homes:
Villa Lucia & Villa Rosa is a duplex (two houses directly next to each other). Each side of the house has its own infrastructure with its own separate living area / garage / parking space / terrace. The pool area is shared with the other side of the house. Please only book this house if you agree!

People in the house:
In times of COVID-19, we would like to instruct the guests to let only those people into the house who were specified on the rental agreement when booking. There may be no people or pets in the house that have not been reported to us before arrival. Unfortunately, in the past few weeks we have increasingly noticed that unregistered people have stayed in the accommodation. In such a case and especially in this COVID-19 situation, according to current official instructions, we are forced to cancel the lease immediately without refunding the rental price and the guest must leave the house immediately .

Any kind of parties in the house / around the house / in front of the house / in the pool area of ​​the house is strictly forbidden and leads to an immediate termination of the rental agreement and an immediate exit from the house.

1. Pool: Our pools in the holiday homes are operated with chlorine, which destroys the COVID-19 virus.
2. Cleaning : In our holiday homes, our cleaning service also cleans all storage areas (kitchen / bathrooms / dining tables / doors / …) with disinfectant after guests have moved out.
3. Service staff : All our service staff are required to enter our holiday homes only with protective measures (masks / gloves / disinfectants)

State of Florida Government Orders:
When visiting Florida in one of our vacation homes, please follow the local COVID-19 Code of Conduct as prescribed by the local administration:

  1. On the weekend of July 4th – no fireworks are allowed in the front gardens of the houses
  2. On the weekend of July 4th – no guests / strangers are allowed to enter the houses
  3. At the weekend of July 4th – no one is allowed to drink alcohol in public
  4. On the weekend of July 4th – no one is allowed to be on beaches

Florida COVID-19 – „Isolation“ – Executive order number 80-82:

Florida COVID-19 – „Services & Activities „- Executive order number 20-91

Florida COVID-19 -“ Reopen Florida step by step – phase 1 “ – Executive order number 20-112

Florida COVID-19 – „Reopen Florida step by step – Phase 2“ – Executive order number 20-139

Link to overview all Florida COVID-19 Executive order